Friday, November 30, 2007

Simple and Sweet

As usual, with the end of the month, I've been racing around trying to string all of the projects I meant to submit for the Art Bead Scene Challenge. Here's a simple one - coffee and dessert. The cute lampworked dessert and coffee cup beads are by Debi Cogwell, the Palm Tree Queen. For some reason they remind me of two of my favorite dessert cafes in New York City - Cafe Edgar and Cafe Lalo, both on the Upper West Side, where I used to live. It's been years since I visited either one. I don't even know if Cafe Edgar is still around or not. The "Edgar" stood for Edgar Allen Poe and there were reminders of EAP and his work in the store decorations. I remember that Cafe Lalo is one of the places that they filmed in "You've Got Mail" (it's the cafe where she's waiting for her on-line friend with a red rose). It's right across the street from the Children's Museum where we took the Short One, but it's such a busy place that we didn't want to try going in there with a young child. Anyway, both places make/made the most fabulous desserts. Yum.

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Have a great weekend.

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