Monday, November 26, 2007

BeadStyle Magazine

So, I've been haunting the BeadStyle Magazine website lately waiting for the official release date of the January 2008 issue. Apparently, it's finally out, but I went around to the local bookstore and bead store, and they don't have the issue yet. If anyone is a subscriber and already has it, I'd love to hear from you. The first necklace I made out of PMC, including the very first bead I ever made out of PMC (a little "moon" bead - basically a ring filled with thorn-like beads in the center) is profiled in the Gallery section of the magazine. I made this necklace for Art Bead Scene's challenge back in May - "Ophelia's Garden". It was actually the winner (by random drawing) for that month. I was so proud of it when I finished that I submitted a photo to BeadStyle. I was so surprised when they actually accepted it for publication.

BeadStyle keeps a piece that they will publish for several months (I actually have one necklace that they will be keeping in their offices for close to a year - it won't be published until next summer). This particular piece was returned to me in late October. By that time, I had been working with PMC for almost 6 months. As I waited for the piece to be returned, I was wondering if I would find it hopelessly crude looking or, even worse, discover that my skills really hadn't improved in the interim. When it finally arrived back, I discovered that I still liked the piece, although there were things that I would definitely do differently now. I think my finishing skills have definitely improved. (In fact, I am wondering whether the magazine's professional photography will treat the piece gently or not - I'm dying to see it.) Anyway, regardless, this necklace is what started my whole love affair with PMC, so it's very special to me. If you find yourself in a bookstore over the next two months, I hope you will take a look!

As usual, thanks for visiting!

ps. I just received my advance copy of the magazine in the mail (I didn't realize I would be receiving this). According to the cover letter, the issue will go on sale on December 4th. Thanks!


Fancy Pants said...

Yeah congratulations!!! I will be making a special stop on the way home congratulations!!! I can't wait to see it.

vickie said...

Melissa, your work is so wonderful; I will keep an eye out for the magazine. You really are very creative!

Monkee Maker said...

Oooh, many congrats on getting published!!

Melissa said...

Thank you all so much!