Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hugs and Kisses

This piece was a bit of an afterthought. I wasn't satisfied with the way the focal for my work in progress, "Princess Charming", came out, so I decided to re-make it today with little tile letters at the top. I liked the way the tile looked enough that I decided at the last minute to do a small letter charm as well. Although the pendant is simple, I must say that I like this piece a lot. I like the jumbled look of the overlapping letters and the three-dimensional feel that they give the pendant. I think I'm going to try this again, once I figure out what I want to say. In the meantime, this pendant is now for sale in the shop.

I had another sticker incident yesterday. When the Short One went down for his nap, I left him with his Grandma and took the opportunity to go post some letters. Upon returning, I discovered that I'd blithely walked around with two cartoon stickers placed, in nice symmetry, on either side of my cheeks, like colorful sideburns. Sigh.

Well, everyone has arrived at our house for Thanksgiving, and we're ready for a low-key holiday. It's my family's turn for Thanksgiving, and we usually have Korean food during the holiday, not turkey. This year, Mom decided that she wanted turkey but none of us (read, Mom, the Husband - whom you may recall loves to cook - and me) really wanted to try and wrestle with a bird. One of our local restaurants does a smashing Thanksgiving dinner - much better than any of us could manage - so we'll be eating out this year. Since the SO considers eating out to be a treat, anyway, I'm sure this will turn out to be a popular decision. (Having said that, I have it on authority from Jenn Kelly of CaliGirl Art Glass that you really need to put your turkey in a brine for superior moistness. I'll have to give that a try next time.)

Given our low-key holiday, I probably will post tomorrow, too, but in the meantime, I hope all of you and your loved ones are preparing for a Happy Thanksgiving (if you celebrate Thanksgiving - I always found it interesting that the university where I studied in England always served turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce for the American holiday).

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Monkee Maker said...

What a lovely pendant.

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving with your family :)

Melissa said...

Thanks, MM. We had a great Thanksgiving. The Short One loves his Monkees. The Monkees love being out of incarceration. It's all good.