Friday, November 2, 2007

Deja Vu

Here's what I meant to post last night. Look familiar? I thought I'd put just one of the Smooches pendants up for sale in the shop. Unfortunately, it also has the dubious honor of being the most expensive item to go into the shop. Remember, the lampworked button in the middle of the piece was made by Sarah Moran, one of my favorite lampwork artists.

I had a disappointing setback today. I ordered some sterling silver chain along with other supplies to put up for sale with the pendants, in case people wanted them. Even though they were listed as being in-stock at the time I placed my order, they did not arrive with the rest of the shipment and the packing slip indicates that they are back-ordered. I have some black rubber and sterling chokers ordered through a different vendor. As long as they arrive by next week, I should still be able to open the Etsy store, but I was hoping to have sterling chain available as well, and it looks as if that is not going to happen.

You may have noticed that I am getting closer to my 100th day post, with the accompanying giveaway. The timing appears to be working out nicely on this - I'm hoping that the giveaway and the store opening will coincide (I hope to have the Etsy store open by Friday). I will provide a firm date, once I'm reasonably certain that this will take place.

In the meantime, I've had another "Mommy moment". As a preface to this story, I should mention that the Short One loves stickers. In particular, he loves sticking stickers all over my hands, face and shirt. I encourage this, as I would prefer that he not damage furniture and/or walls by putting stickers on them, and I find them mighty easy to keep track of, when I'm wearing them.

Now, it's been unseasonably warm around here for the past week, and I decided to take the SO out for lunch at the local cafe. We live within walking distance of a little downtown commercial area, so we took out the stroller and went out quite cheerfully. We had a great lunch - the SO said "hi" to everyone who came in the restaurant (he'd make a terrific professional greeter) - and we decided to run a few errands afterwards. It wasn't until we were at the local bookstore, and I looked down to rummage around in my purse for my credit card, that I finally noticed that I still had about twenty stickers with such gratifying sayings as "I'm awesome!", "My name is FABULOUS!" and "Too cool!" plastered across my chest (I know, I know, but they were the cheapest colorful stickers I could find at the grocery store).

The funny thing is, the folks at the cafe didn't bat an eye at me. I did get completely snubbed by a group of local businesspeople sitting next to us, but I take that as a matter of course (the "invisible mommy syndrome" that seems to affect some professionals, especially on airplanes, is an ugly thing in my mind, but there's not much to be done about it). So, now I'm wondering - does this mean that the folks at the local cafe are just used to my appearing with "I'm fabulous!" stickers all over my body? How many times have I gone out like this without realizing it? Oh, well. I can only chalk it up to motherhood. Anyway, since I make the SO wear the clothes I pick out for him, it seems only fair that he gets to dress me up a little sometimes, too.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend. I'll see you on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa.

Your mommy story sounds familiar.

We went to IKEA and bought each of my kids $100 dressers and they are allowed to decorate those with as many stickers and whatever they want to them. They each have their own masterpiece furniture and I've found the stickers never end up anywhere else! My older kids still decorate theirs with anything and everything. You can't even see the actual drawers anymore.

Take care.
Hollister, CA

Working Mom Knits said...

Good job the stickers weren't plastered to your backside ; ) - though, that might have perked up conversation with the business folks!

pa: - the post be titled "Deja BLUE" !

get it? the lips are blue...oh, just pass me some stickers!

Melissa said...

Hi Jenn - I love your idea with the drawers. We may try it once the SO's a little older.

WMK - Hee, hee. I love a good pun. Oh, those, business people - so stuffy. Of course, I used to be the same way, until the SO saved me from all of that. :)

vickie said...

I couldn't get the pic of it to open yesterday on my computer. Today seeing, it is super!