Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How to Wear a Snowflake

I sat down and strung one of the snowflake pendants, just to see how it looks. I have to admit, although I'm not always completely happy with how I translate the vision of a piece I have in my mind to the actual bead or pendant (everything always looks much more professional in my mind, alas), I like the clean, spare look of this rendition of a snowflake. I wanted to maintain a simple blue and white color scheme for the necklace. Turquoise is one of my favorite stones, and I always love how summery it looks, but I thought that I could actually use a clean, blue turquoise for this wintery piece. I wish I'd had larger chunks of turquoise for this (all of the larger pieces in my stash are on the green side), but I think these small turquoise beads work surprisingly well with the freshwater pearls and clear, faceted quartz crystal beads. I added frosted white seed beads and a simple lobster clasp to finish it.

The black and sterling necklaces destined for the store are now officially scheduled to arrive on Friday, so barring any delivery problems, I will be opening on Saturday.

The Short One's outlook has been improving, I'm happy to say. His nose is dribbling a little less, and he's not coughing as violently. In fact, he's been cheerful enough to want to engage in our ritual good night/nap kiss. Being a manly little man, he particularly likes it when I stand halfway across the room (for a better running start, of course), rush at him like a banshee and plant a smacker on his forehead that's more like a firm head butt than a real kiss (at which point he keels over in his best dramatic manner, giggling). We do this maybe three times before lying down to sleep. Ever since the SO arrived, I've often felt that being a parent is like belonging to a secret society, with its own rules, rituals and secret handshakes. It's just finding out what the rituals are that is proving to be so entertaining.

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Stormy Designs said...

This is gorgeous. Love your blog and reading about the Short One. I've 3 grown daughters & 8 grandkids so I can relate :-)

vickie said...

The bond between a mother and child is sacred, and a wonderful thing. I am glad you are experiencing it! I like the way you did your necklace with the snowflake pendant. I'm thinking one would look good with all white pearls with a few clear or maybe frosted white faceted swavorsky crystals interspersed. I go very low-key sometimes.

Melissa said...

Thanks, SD! I salute you for raising three children (not to mention the grandchildren - the SO is an only grandchild on both sides of the family). We just have the one, and we still feel like passing out every evening after he's tucked in bed.

Vickie - yes, I think you're right. Sometimes simpler is the best way to go. Your idea sounds spectacular. I couldn't resist trying out the turquoise this time, though!