Friday, October 8, 2010

Psst, There's a Giveaway Going On!

Andrew Thornton is giving away a set of my more seasonal (my favorite season, really) work on his blog this week. Yep, all five charms will go to one lucky winner next week. Please go here to enter!

As for me, just hang that scarlet letter "A" on me right now, for "Absentee". Absentee Blogger, Absentee Beader, Absentee Beadmaker. I can hardly believe it, but I haven't touched a single bead in over a month, either to string or make. Somebody help me snap out of it. Please!


Erin Strother said...

I already eagerly entered Andrew's giveaway. I never win, so I think its about time the universe did me a favor, ya know? Can't believe you've taken such a long hiatus! Hope everything's OK with you and the SO.
Erin S

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

I have been thinking of you so much! Love you so much!
Take care.

I haven't been able to accomplish anything either!

I think about it, and then my head goes around in circles and I cannot decide on one thing. So I end up doing nothing! I am so focused usually. So much is going on however! Geesh!

All love and I ADORE your little charms! :)

xox jean

Melissa J. Lee said...

Thank you so much, you two.

The past couple months in the real world have been a little trying, but I (and the family) seem to be coming back around to an even keel. Right now, I'm just battling sleep deprivation! said...