Thursday, January 21, 2010

Knit Love

Here's the other pendant I made with Valentine's Day in mind. It's a little rough - once again, I hand-cut the lettering - but I still like the message: words of love for your favorite knitter.

I've had knitting on my mind since I started my big yarn destash, so the pendant seemed appropriate. For anyone puzzling over this, "k2tog" is the knitting abbreviation for the instruction to knit two stitches together, so that they become one stitch. You can't get more romantic in knitting than that, right?

Thanks for visiting.


susanc said...

It's really pretty Melissa! Wow! I'm so impressed that you hand-cut the letters - you've got some mad saw skills!

SueBeads said...

Cute! I'm glad you explained it - I didn't get it! But it's very meaningful!