Friday, June 6, 2008

Daisy, Daisy Give Me Your Answer Do

I've been looking for these glass daisy beads everywhere for a while now, and I finally did find them in the Garment District. Yay! I hopped a cab for my second trip down there during our vacation, thinking, for some reason that it would be faster than the subway. Silly, silly me. Half an hour later, we were stuck in traffic on 37th Street, heading back to Toho Shoji, when I happened to look out of the window. Lo and behold, we were passing a big bead store! I made a mental note to come back to the street, as we inched about 50 yards down the street, and - oh, look, another bead store! And another one! At this point, I told the driver he could just let me off right there. It turns out that the one block contained six separate gem and bead stores. Plus, there turned out to be another one right around the corner (where I found the daisies). Yes, it turns out that the Garment District sure is a nice place to browse around if you're a bead enthusiast. I was so busy with these stores, I never made it back to Toho Shoji or to M&J Trimming (which is sort of a mecca for notion hunters, if you've never heard of it - well worth a visit, and they have lots of interesting stuff on their website, too) which was also just a couple blocks away.

Well, you'd think that all of that beady goodness would be enough for me for months, but I'm still planning on wandering around the Bead & Button Marketplace on Sunday, barring any unforeseen circumstances. My beading buddy, Carolyn, and I only spend about 3-4 hours wandering the floor - we never manage to cover the whole place - but it's definitely a highlight of the year. Not to mention getting the opportunity to meet up with other beading friends. If you are going, too, I hope to see you there. If not, have a great weekend.

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