Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ornament Thursday - Language of Love

Welcome to Ornament Thursday! The theme for this month is "Love Story". My piece is based on the idea that love speaks many languages...including Pig Latin. Yep. Take a closer look at that pendant:

Of the infinite ways that exist to say "I love you", I find some more charming than others. I like to say it in binary code. I like to say it in Pig Latin. "Ovelay Ouyay" translates from the original Pig Latin as "Love You". Romantic, no?

As "Ovelay Ouyay" strikes me as being a quite cheerful and spring-like phrase (or perhaps this is just wishful thinking on my part - it's currently -1 F here, as I write this), I decided that a necklace with a spring flower theme would be appropriate. Bead lovers may recognize the flower beads - they are by Jennifer Heynen of Jangles, one of the founders of our current Ornament Thursday group. Instructions for the necklace follow.

Language of Love, Ovelay Ouyay Necklace
©2008 Melissa J. Lee

The finished necklace is approximately 16.5” long. It can be lengthened by adding more pearls.

Materials and Sources:

1 fine silver “Ovelay Ouyay” pendant, Melissa J. Lee ( or contact me at
2 ceramic 14mm flower beads, Jangles (contact Jennifer Heynen at
42 rose-colored 4mm freshwater pearls, Ayla’s Originals (
4 green 9mm pressed Czech glass leaf beads, Knot Just Beads (
11 pink No. 8 seed beads, Knot Just Beads (
8 rose satin 4mm bicone Swarovski crystal beads, Turtle Island Beads (
34 blue No. 6 frosted seed beads, String a Strand (
1 sterling silver toggle clasp, Turtle Island Beads (
4 head pins
4 jump rings
22” stringing wire (.10)
2 crimps


1. String through one of the jump rings of the pendant. String 11 pink seed beads and then string other jump ring of the pendant.
2. Wire wrap 4 leaf beads and attach each to a jump ring.
3. String 2 crystals, 1 ceramic flower, 7 blue seed beads, 1 leaf bead, 7 seed beads, 1 leaf bead, 3 seed beads, 1 crystal, 21 pearls and 1 crystal. Repeat pattern on other side of pendant.
4. Crimp to toggle clasp with crimp tubes.

Note: Please be aware that this necklace required a special size of Jangles’ ceramic flower bead. To order, please contact Jennifer Heynen, and request 2 small ceramic flower beads (approximately 14mm in diameter) to make the Ovelay Ouyay necklace from Ornament Thursday.

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Margot Potter said...
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Margot Potter said...


Great design! I'm a sucker for word play and the colors here are so happy.

Thanks so much for joining the fun!


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

This is fantastic!!!


Kriss said...

This is great. I love that you used Pig Latin. It made me laugh.

Melissa J. Lee said...

Thanks, everyone!

Elaine Ray said...

How fun! - If i wore your pendant with says Love in binary code I'd keep a running count of those that could read it without any explanation.

Lisa said...

Hmm...Pig Latin might be a course my daughter would enjoy...think you can get 1/2 credit for it?

Cute project!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Very cute!

Hali Chambers said...

This is so COOL!!! I sent a link to my brother as a Valentine suggestion for his wife. He's a computer dude and she was a physics major, so they speak fluent binary-ese. AWESOME!
:-) Hali

Melissa J. Lee said...

I'm so glad people like the binary code pendant - that was one I thought no one but myself would really like. I'm making my husband a Valentine's Card in hexadecimal (shhh! don't tell), since he's an engineer...

melanie brooks said...

I love what you are doing with unusual languages as inspiration. This piece is great!

We got a bunch of snow dumped on us last night, so I like seeing the happy Jangles flowers too...

Katie Hacker said...

I ovelay igpay atinlay, ootay. Oolcay endantpay!