Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I made this ring back in June, less than a month after I started working with PMC and about 5 months after I started, on-and-off due to limited time, to make glass beads. This was also the first lampworked sundae bead that I tried to make. I had some structural problems with the first version of the ring. I made a second version, but never really finished it and ended up moving on to other projects. Looking back on it now, I think I can probably resolve those problems. I have a real yen to try it again, but it's really too cold in the garage (I think, at least) to use the torch right now. I really need to get a space heater...

The Short One has discovered his primary nemesis for the winter - his snowsuit with button on mittens. Just thinking of trying to stuff him in the suit and button on those mittens to go grocery shopping or whatever is exhausting enough to make me want to stay in the house all day. Right now, the SO voices his displeasure quite vocally and with a great deal of pathos. Weeping and wringing of hands doesn't begin to cover it. I can't really blame him, though. I don't know about you, but one of my few early memories of winter involves being so bundled up in my snowsuit, scarf, hat and mittens that I was barely able to move. The SO's suit is so heavily padded that he looks like the Michelin Man.

Well, I suppose I should start girding my loins now, since we're going out this afternoon. I hope everyone has a great day.

ps. This seems an appropriate point to mention - the weather really hasn't put a dent in my ability to eat ice cream, though. I've just discovered Ben & Jerry's Banana Split flavored ice cream. Yum.


Deabusamor said...

That ring is absolutely yummy! It's so great already I'm kind of curious to see what you would change in it/improve upon.

A little trick my mom used to do was let me wear just one thick coat and a thick scarf, run into the car really quick with a thick blanket then run into the grocery (dragging said blanket along) where they usually have a heater on.

This completely bypasses all the bundling up while still keeping me warm. The blanket got dirty and ratty after a while but it was less stress to just wash it afterwards.

Oh and thank you for your comment on my blog! I'm not sure how I found yours, I like to browse and follow links around (I call it Wonderlanding with Alice) and when I come across a blog I like, I save it.

I'm so addicted to blogs that I read them all once a day (including yours which is probably how I showed up on your stats counter.)

Oh, and did I mention I ramble a lot?


Thanks again!

Melissa said...

Well, unfortunately, the SO reacts just as dramatically to his warm ski jacket as he does to the full snow suit. It completely baffles me - some kind of down phobia?? It's true that the jacket _is_ much easier to put on and take off, though. Thanks for the tip!

Eh, the ring just wasn't finished as well as I'd like, and I wasn't using the right kind of epoxy for the bead. I'll get back to it eventually...

Congrats again on opening your Etsy store and on your first sale!!

Vickie said...

I think the ring is great! REading about bundling up your cild reminds me of the scenes in the Christmas Story where the mother bundles up the youngest son to the point he has to waddle, can't navigate and can't get up when he falls!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Vickie! Yes, that's pretty much the state of things with the SO right now. Poor kid.