Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How many days left?!?

Well, my complacency about being ready for Christmas was extremely short-lived. I spent last night making a Christmas gift for a friend. I thought it would take an hour max. When I looked up at the clock when I finished, it was 1am! Ack. Well, that was the last gift to be mailed out, thank goodness, so I do feel as if I accomplished something. The gift turned out well enough that, when I wore it to "test drive", I had a two second impulse to keep it (it's terrible, but I'm that kind of person, I admit it). Bad Melissa. I smacked myself on the wrist and packed it up straightaway. I did take photos of the gift, but of course, I can't show it to you until the recipient receives and opens it.

The way things are shaping up this week, I probably won't have any new work at all, except the ornament for the last Ornament Thursday, which I'm hoping to make tonight. Family will start arriving shortly thereafter, and craft time will go out the window through the holiday. I imagine it's much the same for everyone else, though?

Anyway, regarding this pendant, when I did the preliminary sketches for the koi pendant way back in June, I intended to include lotus blooms and lily pads. I finally took a shot at adding these elements a couple weeks ago. I'd like to fiddle around with the colors a little more, but I do like the effect overall. We live near a large botanic garden and the lotus in the water garden, when they are in bloom, are just fantastic. I think I have a photo somewhere that my mother-in-law took. I'll try to dig it up and post it. (No koi there, though.)

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