Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

I'm totally punting today, because I've run out of time and am doing the classic night before Christmas wrapping-up-of-presents-at-the-last-
-wrapped-that-I-cleverly-didn't-label. Sigh.

[Okay, this post has been edited. My husband wasn't too pleased to discover I'd put a photo of the Short One, however old, on the blog, so I enlisted the aid of a Stunt Monkee to double in for the SO. For the ten or so people who were kind enough to visit last night and saw the original photo of the SO - this looks just like him, don't you think? For everyone else, please just disregard this paragraph. For anyone experiencing monkee lust, please visit the Monkee Maker for more details on how to obtain one of your own.]

[Edit number II: Apparently I can't win with this post. After changing the photo to accomodate my husband's objections, I then received a complaint from the knitwear designer who designed the cute hat I knit for the Short One. As she did not like the fact that I put up a link to a website where you could purchase her book quite inexpensively, I took down the link, put up a link to her website instead and sent her an email. I never received any acknowledgment from her about this. In the interest of not driving myself crazy over the issue, I have decided to take down the photo of, and all reference to, the hat and replaced it with a completely uncontroversial image of some of the ornaments my mother made for the Short One this year. I presume this resolves any remaining issues for all parties. And thanks, Mom. The SO loves his new ornaments.]

Merry Christmas to all. Now where did I put that roll of tape??


Christina said...

That picture is very cute.

Merry Christmas!

Melissa said...

Thanks, Christina! You're one of the few people who saw it before I had to swap it out!