Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Final Holiday Sale this Friday!

I have one last Showcase spot on Etsy coming up on Friday, so I'm going to hold a final holiday sale day in connection with it. Once again, it's going to be Short One's choice. The SO will pick a number between 10 and 40 (in increments of five, eg, 5, 10, 15...) and that number will be the discount in the store from midnight Friday through 11:59 that night. After this, I may start pulling stuff out of the store for Christmas gifts myself (who me, desperate?).

Yesterday, a friend notified me of a call for entries for beads. The only problem was, everything had to be at the offices of the publication by this Friday. I spent yesterday rushing around like a madwoman making new beads and figuring out what I wanted to send. Ultimately, I didn't have as much to choose from as I would have liked (I ended up pulling a couple pieces from the store as a last resort). By 9 pm I was feeling a little depressed about my chances of being selected, but I thought if I didn't at least try, I'd never know. I got ready to print out an Express Mail label on-line around 12:30am, and THE PRINTER STOPPED WORKING. Arrrrrgh. Much tearing of hair, here. After almost two hours of struggling with the drivers, cables, etc., etc., (not to mention use of colorful language) I finally managed to print out the label. It all made me feel like a helpless female, and I hate that feeling. Back in the days of MS-DOS, I used to pride myself on knowing my computer backwards and forwards, but the newer fool-proof graphic user interfaces are so opaque, I never know how to handle them. Anyway, ultimately everything did get packed up and shipped out, so I should make the deadline by the skin of my teeth. Wish me luck!

Today, I have to make the ornament for Ornament Thursday. I've thrown caution to the winds and am going to us PMC for this one. Please come back tomorrow to see it!

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