Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ho Ho Ho

Just a quick note from me regarding the Showcase sale. Ironically, the Short One picked 25%, the same discount as the first time I tried this (honestly, that was the number he picked). In light of this, I have gone in and reduced a few select items, including this koi pendant, by 40%. This is a 24 hour sale - prices are valid through 11:59pm EST Friday. (By the way, if anyone is interested, items will ship by Priority Mail no later than Monday, December 17th.)

Thanks so much for all of the nice comments regarding the ornament. Ornament Thursday is a brilliant idea and I'd like to thank Katie and Candie and everyone else who set it up for all of us to enjoy.

Have a great night.


Working Mom Knits said...

Thanks for a great gift idea for a "not so easy to buy for" person! Hope you don't mind my asking for advice via the paypal check out...

Melissa said...

Thanks, WMK - I've convo'd you via Etsy about the issue. Let me know if you want the pics of each one - I'll be happy to post them!