Monday, January 26, 2009

Who's the Leader of the Club

We are in the process of painting our current spare bedroom that will metamorphose into the Short One's Big Boy Bedroom sometime this year. We went to Home Depot to select colors this weekend, and the SO scored a few cute paint chips.

When the SO was an infant, the only thing that would keep him calm during a diaper change was a little Baby Mickey rattle that I would have to wave in front of his face while singing "The Mickey Mouse Club" song in a suitably boisterous manner. Although we've broadened our cultural horizons since then ("Sesame Street", "Blue's Clues", "Curious George", etc., etc.), we're still mad about The Mouse in this house. I'm so tempted to have these laminated over a bit of the SO's artwork and use them for a placement. Not really what the manufacturer intended, I'm sure, but we did end up buying that brand of paint, after all.

I actually managed to submit a project proposal to the publishers today, for once. I find, as the SO gets more active, that the time I have to do anything not SO-related is dwindling down to nothing. Still, I should have some new work to show off in the next couple days, so please check back.

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