Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here's more otaku goodness from me. Last month when the SO and I were suffering from cabin fever, the Husband very kindly took us to Rotofugi to play with all of the Japanese import toys. The SO came home with a cute Wish Come True toy that he calls his "snowman", and I came home with this green Mini-Trexi Voodoo Kong, that started out life as part of a key chain.

Some women shop for the perfect black pumps to go with their new dress - I spent several days searching for the perfect tacky plastic banana charms to go with Kong-san (actually, I believe the Trexis are made by a Singapore-based company, but still). I wanted charms that looked like true bunches of bananas and, by golly, I found them. Woo-hoo. Throw in some hot pink vintage lucite and you have a bracelet that makes a Statement (in my humble opinion).

I love this bracelet - I really do. Sometimes you just have to throw subtlety out the window.

Thanks for visiting!

ps. I solved the whole problem with the Christmas cards. While the SO was occupied with decorating Christmas cookies (his current favorite pastime), I shoved the holiday hat I knit for him on his head and snapped away with the camera. The photos came out lovely - he even looked up and smiled for me on occasion. I must remember this trick next year...


RupaB said...

Glad that card dilemma worked out...cant wait to see/receive (wink..wink) the card!

Now that is a pretty bauble for the wrist....those bananas are positively tacky...lol

Melissa J. Lee said...

:) I'm sure that can be arranged.

I was so chuffed to find those charms - I know my tacky, all right.