Monday, November 10, 2008

Stop and Go

It's been so difficult these days to find enough cumulative time to do new work. I'm putting more finished pieces right now (rather than making beads). I have a bunch of ideas, including one involving my Road of Life traffic light pendant, above, but I just haven't had been able to spend much time on them all. I know this time crunch is just going to get worse with the approach of the holidays, and it drives me batty. Not to mention that when I do find the time, my Muse just ends up thumbing her nose at me and not cooperating.

On the plus side, part of the reason I'm in a time crunch is that the Short One's personality just keeps getting bigger and bigger and demanding more attention. I find it fascinating watching him as his imagination expands exponentially. Even as recently as last month, he wasn't really engaged in more than very rudimentary pretend play. All of a sudden, though, his thoughts have just exploded and everything is grist to his mill right now - simple objects stand in for complex machines, and he has learned that he can use imaginary objects with his actual toys. I love watching this, even though I can tell it's still a struggle for him to find enough words to express all of this to me and his Daddy. I have pretty much no prior experience with young kids (shh, don't tell the SO), so the whole parenthood thing has been a complete revelation to me that way.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I have a few new stash acquisitions to show off, plus a couple jewelry making ideas, but I'm afraid that will have to wait until later this week. Thanks for your patience!

ps. By the way, thanks to everyone who has been reading my post on ivory vintage beads. I think that entry has garnered more comments (and substantial comments, too) than anything else I've written. It's been a very interesting discussion!

pps. I just found out that today is a Refugees United Blog Day initiative. I've added the relevant badge to my sidebar. Please do click on it to find out more.

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