Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Short One's Necklace

I know I usually save the Short One's artwork to show off for my Bead & Jewelry Link Love post, but I couldn't resist sharing this one today. His first necklace - yay! This is not my doing - when I picked him up yesterday at his Mom's Morning Away class, he was wearing it (although he later complained that it was "itchy" - which I could see, with the square and triangular-shaped construction paper). I'm so proud. Of course, the SO being the SO, he immediately demanded more beads, and the house is now littered with tri-colored pasta, but we will discreetly gloss over that fact.

I ended up having an emergency root canal yesterday. It wasn't completely unexpected, as I'd had some weird sensitivity issues with one tooth for a while. Also, I really liked my endodontist - she was so fast and efficient that I didn't even realize she was shooting me up with novacaine until after my mouth started going numb. Still, I have to say, getting dental work done (especially something like this) is probably on my list of ten least favorite things to do, along with talking to car salespeople and selling (or buying) a house (yet three more random facts about me).

On the beading front, I'd been setting aside what little time I've had for the past couple weeks to work up new proposals for various magazines. With one exception, I've been getting almost unilaterally shot down on each piece as I submitted it. So depressing, but I feel that rejection is pretty much par for the course, at least some of the time. If anything, it's made me set out with grim determination to try again (in fact, I've been so grimly determined that I'm halfway expecting one of the long-suffering editors I have worked with to finally tell me to Give It A Rest for a couple months. I hope this won't happen, but you never know.)

Oh, and I need your help with Christmas gifts, please. Does anyone own (or live with someone who owns) a Wii? The Husband will be getting one for Christmas (it's not a surprise - and he never reads my blog anyway, so I feel safe in mentioning this). He's been wanting one ever since the console came out, so he's pretty excited, but neither of us is "up" enough on the games to know what's especially good. We are also trying to find games that are toddler friendly, so that the SO can participate. We've identified a cooking game (which we think the SO will like to try) and a carnival games game (and, of course, Wii Fit, which no one seems to have in stock for less than $100 right now). Does anyone have any recommendations? The way I see it, the family will probably resort to getting him games (it seems like an easy and natural choice for them), and I need some good intel to pass along to them. Thanks for your help!

And thanks for visiting! I know the blog has been a bit barren lately, but I'm hoping to shake off this slump and have a bit more substantial content henceforth.

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