Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Young Man's Fancy

I actually did fire a kiln load of PMC today, but nothing's finished (still need to buff, dip in liver of sulphur, polish, add resin, etc., etc.), so I'm punting again today. I was going to embed a nice video today, but discovered that said video is not embeddable (is this a word? looks a bit odd), so I'm recycling the photo of my Kissing Bandit necklace, instead. It seems like the right time of year for this piece, anyway...

I've been struggling to come up with new designs with a spring theme. To me, spring is all about flowers and new leaves budding everywhere, and I'm just not all that keen on doing anything floral with PMC. The Husband suggested thinking about birds, instead (actually, he suggested slugs and worms, first, but I nixed those ideas).

In my usual stream-of-consciousness way, I ended up thinking of funny mating dances that birds perform, which in turn made me think of the riflebird. The Husband and I enjoy watching documentaries, including nature documentaries. During one of these (I think it was David Attenborough's "Living Planet", but I'm not sure), we were introduced to the riflebird, a bird which performs my all-time-favorite, no-holds-barred mating dance. They remind me of flashy flamenco dancers. I couldn't find the "Living Planet" footage anywhere on the Internet, but National Geographic does have a nice clip of a couple riflebirds strutting their stuff. I really recommend it - it's even worth sitting through the sponsor's commercial and the somewhat irritating narration. Go here to view it.

I have no idea how this could possibly translate into a bead or pendant, though. So much for inspiration, eh?

Right, the deadline for my magazine projects is fast approaching and I also still need to file my state sales tax return tonight, so I have to boogie. Thanks for stopping by! There will be new work and a more substantial blog entry tomorrow, I promise.

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