Thursday, February 21, 2008

Byte Me

First of all, I'd like to say thanks for the kind get well wishes for the Short One. He spent about 5 hours vomiting last night (we finally got to bed at around 4am, after having to change clothes 7 times). Fortunately, though, it seems to have been a 24 hour bug. He still isn't eating well, but he's drinking a lot and getting over his dehydration well. I hate seeing him so miserable, but I can only hope that this will help build up his resistance against the time he inevitably catches the next bug.

I seem to recall that I had more to say about yesterday's pendant, but I can't for the life of me remember what, so it can't have been all that important. Yet another example of my advancing senility, I'm afraid. Anyway, moving right along, here's the second pendant I made this week. This is a collaboration between myself and the Husband. As you may recall, the H. had been encouraging me to make a hexadecimal version of the Geek Love pendant, but I really didn't have an idea of what to say with it (I didn't want to repeat "love"). I sat down and asked for suggestions a few nights ago, and he said, "How about 'byte me'?" Being a truly horrible pun, I decided I liked it. So, here it is - the byte me pendant.

I made a couple compromises in the design here, which I hope won't bug anyone too much. I eliminated the characters for "carriage return" and "new line", because it made the top line too unwieldy. In order to make the pendant a decent size, I also squished the numbers together just a bit. The pendant is supposed to read: "62 79 74 65" and "6d 65" - hopefully, you can see that in my version.

This will probably be the last code version Geek Love pendant that I make. I do have two more Geek Love pendants that I'm working on, but they're in a slightly different format. I hope to get to them next week. After that, I'll probably move on to something new.

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