Monday, August 6, 2007

The Magic Melon

Well, I received very nice compliments on the cherry tomato photo I posted a few days ago, so I feel that I should at least take one or two more fruit/veggie photographs. I have to say, though, the traditional watermelon with seeds is more picturesque than the seedless, even if the latter is so much easier to eat. In a desperate effort to tie this into beads and knitting, I will say that the pink/green color combination is a favorite. I love watermelon tourmaline, too.

Why is this a Magic Melon? The picky eater in our house (who shall remain nameless) decided that he liked _this_ melon and ate about a third of it by himself, yesterday. (While it was not the largest melon at the store, it certainly isn't a small melon.) As he was chowing down on his fourth big slice with no signs of stopping, I wondered at what point I would need to wrest it away from him to prevent his little tummy from exploding. He seems to have taken it all in stride, though. I wish I had his metabolism. On the other hand, if I did, I'd probably end up seven feet tall by next year.

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