Monday, August 13, 2007

Huzzah for the Bookaneers!

I and a certain other person in this house were extremely excited this morning to discover that the new season of "Sesame Street" has finally started. Before the Short One arrived and started demanding that this establishment provide him with quality children's television programming, I must admit that I hadn't watched "Sesame Street" in about 30 years. Aside from the shock of seeing the current-day Bob, Maria, Luis and Gordon (they are all still in their 20s and 30s in my mind's eye), it's been just as enjoyable for me to watch the show this time around as the first time. My companion gives the show two thumbs up, too. (Okay, and while he's riveted, it does allow me time to sneak off and get a few things done - I cannot tell a lie.)

Today's episode featured the Bookaneers, pirates who love to read. I love this concept. I really admire the folks at Children's Television Workshop for coming up with such creative ideas.

On the bead front, I've decided to use the focal I made last night and just try to position the flower bead strategically, so that the words are still legible. The next time you see the pendant will hopefully be when it's in the necklace.

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