Saturday, June 12, 2010

Winner, Second Place, Metal Clay, Bead Dreams 2010

I made it up to the Bead & Button Show today for just a few hours - let me state for the record that four hours is simply not enough time to visit the Show. I did have the pleasure of seeing a number of friends and colleagues while there, though, including several I had heretofore not met in person, which is always so wonderful. Plus, of course, I visited the Bead Dreams Exhibit. (Yes, I am grinning like a fool as I upload these pics...)

I have to confess, despite taking my good camera with me, I royally screwed up the photography here - half of the shots of the exhibit that I took are unusable. So, I decided not to sweat documenting the metal clay category (only seven finalists this year) or what have you, and just show you a few of my favorites overall from the exhibit.

Sandi M. asked me what the back of "The Way to My Heart" looked like, so here it is:

It's the key to the maze - it's solution, worn secretly over the heart. Oh, and a couple people asked about the stone discs with which I strung the piece - they are rough cut rose and smoky quartz. Here's "Cabinet of Wonders", my other Bead Dreams entry that made the finals but did not place:

I'm a big fan of Joan Miller's work and am personally very glad that there's a place for ceramic beads and buttons in Bead Dreams once again this year:

My favorite in the set, the tomato button is half obscured, but I think you can see here just how charming veggie buttons can be! Plus, dig that cool button display (that Joan made herself)!

Kim van Antwerp was a finalist with a huge needlefelted bead - I just love this idea, and, of course, I love the koi theme of the piece.

Robert Jennick described his entry to me earlier this year, and it made me laugh when I finally saw it. I think this is a testament to the transformative powers of glass. Here is "Just a Bunch of Nails" in the lampworking category:

Sherry Serafini's "Road Warrior" completely blew me away. I would so wear a necklace like this.

I saw Vanessa Walilko's "Chainmaille Jacket" on-line after the finalists for this year were decided. It's even more impressive in person.

Finally, I thought Shiba Yuko's "Mine" was too cute! The beaded umbrella really makes this piece for me.

I have more photos from the show and have some new stash acquisitions to show off, but my eyes are shutting on me and I'm about to keel over from exhaustion, so I'll have to wait another day for those.

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stregata said...

Congratulations - and thanks for sharing these awesome photos!
The Road Warrior totally blew me away!

sandi m said...

Thanks Melissa for showing the back of the maze. I never made it out to the display area yesterday, and I decided to rest my weary feet and pocketbook today.
I'll make the trek tomorrow for that last 6 hours and make sure to look at your piece again.

By the way, GREAT trade with Kate.

Melissa J. Lee said...

sandi, Was that you?? You should have said something!

Boot ~C said...

I'm confused, the robert J work is heat bent nails? in the lampwork catagory? it took second?

Melissa J. Lee said...

Those aren't nails! They're really lampworked glass. It's his little joke to make the glass look like a bunch of scrap nails.

Melissa J. Lee said...

sandi, Never mind! I didn't realize Kate had blogged about it. I thought you must have been the lady standing next to me at Kate's booth, but I must be mistaken...

sandi m said...

No it wasn't me yesterday; and, yes, Kate mentioned your trade on her blog last night.

Why does this week go sooo fast?!
Now to start creating with all my new pretties...

I saw the back of your piece - very cool. Of course, no picture does justice to seeing the pieces live. Hope you get to enjoy yours soon.

z-beads said...

YES! Second place in Bead Dreams. An accomplishment, indeed. Very proud.

Melissa J. Lee said...

Thanks, Sarah!

Joan Miller said...

Congrats Melissa! Really love "Cabinet of Wonder's." I give it the "Joan's Choice Award." I think that would be a really cool way to run a contest. Each winner gets to pick a piece they would give an award. Sigh, no one ever asks me how to do these things. Thanks so much for posting my buttons my red ribbon sister.

Melissa J. Lee said...

I'm so honored to receive the "Joan's Choice Award"! May I return the compliment? What a great idea... Congratulations!

Shaiha said...

Congrats on your win!

And I love the fact that the judges were visionary to award the 'nails' 2nd place