Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bead & Button Show - Stash Part I

Well, I started taking photos of the treasure I brought back home from the Bead & Button Show right before sunset - but then the Human Tornado whirled back from the park with his Dad, so I had to stop. Still, I thought I'd go ahead and post what I have, even if I continue this later in the week.

I have been an admirer of Pati Walton's work since Sarah Moran introduced her beads to me a couple years ago (basically, if Sarah likes an artist's work, I'm pretty much bound to like it as well - she has such good taste). I found out from Pati's blog that she would be attending Bead & Button this year, took a look at my budget, and decided before even entering the Marketplace that I would aim to come home with one of her beads. This is it - one of her classic aquarium beads filled with gorgeous murrine fish. Here are shots of the bead from other angles:

She even has a signature cane with the year embedded in the bead (you can sort of see it at the bottom of the last photo). If you aren't already familiar with her work, I urge you to take a look - photos of her gorgeous canes are posted on her blog and there's a gallery section of her finished pieces that completely makes me drool.

I was also particularly eager to see one of Greg Ogden's articulated crabs (a sneak peek of which was posted on Cynthia's blog right before the show). Green Girl Studios had a small bowl of them tucked among their beautiful display. I'm here to say that these little guys are even better in person! They're so tactile - you just want to touch the bead all of the time. Plus, the articulation is brilliant - the crab seems to skitter when it moves:

Needless to say, this wasn't all I came back with from Green Girl Studios - more photos to follow.

Gary Wilson, that most excellent of lapidaries, also had his usual brilliant wares - I just cannot get over the high quality of stones he offers. As usual, I bought a bag of cool supplies there (which will hopefully show up in my work later this year). Plus, I spotted this, the only strand of beads I bought at the show this year:

I love the juxtaposition of the polished with the rough surfaces on this agate, and the fact that they are chunks rather than slices. Once again, these are stones that just beg to be touched and the fact that he offered them in graduated sizes is just, well, sweet. (Gary asked me if I will keep the strand intact or break it up, but my feeling is that the strand really has to be largely kept together, don't you?)

That's it for now - a little more to follow later this week. Thanks for visiting!


Christina J. said...

Great stash! I thought the crabs were great when I saw them on Cynthia's blog, but they were even better in person! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Diana P. said...

I tend to blow my entire budget on Gary Wilson's work every year at Bead Fest. I set one of his ammonite negatives into a pendant for my mother and I'm currently working on a ring for myself using one of his tiny trilobite cabochons. I want to hug that man!

Melissa J. Lee said...

His work is unbelievable, isn't it? I always look forward to seeing him and his family at the show.

TesoriTrovati said...

Wow. Such a stunner of a bead. And a signature cane? That is clever. I didn't get back on Sunday because my battery died on my car on Saturday, which is a bummer since I was hoping to buy strands of things instead of art beads. I got some Dora Schubert's that she made just for me for the gallery exhibit I am doing... I need to get creating! Looking forward to these lovelies from you! Enjoy the day, Melissa. Erin

Unknown said...

Melissa you must of come home just so wonderfully happy! Pattis beads what utter talent she has! The crab what a little gem! The agates..happiness overload!

Unknown said...

Looks like you stopped by and visited with some of my favorite exhibitors. Pati has such awesome beads. She has been in the business for so very long and has really honed her talents.

Cynthia Thornton said...

Hey! I'm glad you got a crab! I love them. I was looking very hard at that strand of stones! I opted for turtle back chalecdony and ammonites.

Melissa J. Lee said...

I love my crab! It's one of those beads you just want to touch all of the time, like a worry stone, because it's so wonderfully tactile.

It's so tough to narrow down your purchases at Gary's booth, don't you think?

Shai Williams said...

I am just in total awe of that bead! It is incredible.