Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Question for My English Readers (+Bead & Jewelry Linky Love)

To anyone living in England (esp. London or Oxfordshire) - have you seen this chocolate before? Can you tell me where I can buy it? My father's traveling to England shortly, and I'm sending him on a mission to bring back a few things for my son: 1. Cadbury Highlights 2. Cavalier No Sugar Added Belgian Chocolates and 3. Marmite. (Okay, the Marmite's for me, but still.) I figure that the Cadbury Highlights ought to be available at any Tesco or Sainsburys, but I'm not so sure about the No Sugar Added Belgian Chocolate. On the off chance that anyone is actually familiar with this brand, I thought I'd post a pic and ask. Any tip on where something like this might be purchased would be very welcome. Thank you!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:

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Janet said...

Hi Melissa! I lived in Scotland 4 years with my brit husband. You can get marmite at any corner grocery Im sure or at Tescos a great super market. Also Marks and Spencers you can find them and the shells you would find there. Really any up market store will carry those shells.

Melissa J. Lee said...

Thanks, Janet! I will ask my Dad to check Marks & Spencers (it has to be the sugar-free chocs, though). Our last jar of Marmite went off around 2007, so I decided it was time to replace it!

Winchell Clayworks said...

There's a store in Freeport ME that specializes in brit foods: I know they carry Marmite, and they might carry some other goodies you're looking for.

Melissa J. Lee said...

Thanks so much - I actually do order Cadbury Highlights from a similar store in CT. It's just so darned expensive relative to what you'd pay in England. Still, if they have the chocolates, it would be a definitely plus. I will check them out!

Sabine said...

Be sure to have him pick up some Kit Kats! They are so much better over there!