Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bead & Jewelry Linky Love

It's getting to be that time of year again. It just occurred to me today that the Short One has a Halloween party to attend this Thursday, and I still haven't finished his costume. Gah. As you can see, I completely threw over the idea of designing a hat pattern, knitting and felting it, in favor of a quick trip to the fabric store (and I ended up not even sewing this. After making the pattern, I made my long-suffering mother sew it up before she left for home). I don't even feel guilty about that decision. Well, not much. It certainly was a lot quicker! Now for the quiver with bow and arrows...

The SO always has a busy social calendar during Halloween. He got invited to a party on the 31st - and apparently the parents are also supposed to dress up, which, although entertaining, is a nuisance to me right now given that I haven't even finished the SO's costume. I put my thinking cap on and have decided that I'm going to sew a few felt leaves on a couple brown shirts so H. and I can go as Sherwood Forest. (H. pointed out that we can also call SO Legolas and go as Ents that way. If you don't get this, don't worry about it - we are Lord of the Rings geeks in this house.)

On other fronts, I actually wore one of my necklaces this weekend, as we were meeting up with friends whom we haven't seen for several years, and I wanted to show them what metal clay looked like. The SO saw this and commented: "Mommy, I didn't know you could wear the necklaces, too!" It's a sad (but true) statement on the fact that I make a lot of jewelry, but I don't actually wear much!

Oh, and before I get to the beady links, please note that my friend, ceramic artist Melanie Brooks (of Earthenwood Studio), is having a big sale right now! Go here to shop.

Carmi's Art/Life World
Carmi makes some resin filled embellishments quickly!

Jean Campbell
Jean reviews Wendy Ellsworth's wonderful new book, Beading--The Creative Spirit.

Cindy Gimbrone aka Lampwork Diva
There's a new addition to the Heartz n Skullz Family. Come check out the new Skully Bowz!

A Bead A Day
Do you have a distinctive style or do you go where the wind blows you? Lisa would love to hear about your design process.

Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
Melanie heats things up with some fire inspired crystal and porcelain beads in her newest necklace from her Art Beads crystal week

Barbe Saint John - New Jewelry from Forgotten Artifacts
Barbe gets a mini artpiece from Artbeads. Jewelry Making
Fall is in the air, at least in some areas of the world, so it is time to think about making fall jewelry.

Lorelei's Blog: Inside the Studio
Lampwork glass beads always end up in Lorelei's work, and she passes on links to one of her favorites!

Art Bead Scene
ABS shares a motherlode of giveaways for October.

The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton
See what Andrew whipped up when he sat down in the studio after a dry spell.

Jewelry & Beading
Cyndi shares the instructions for a special necklace that she made for a friend, called "The Fourth Day of Creation"

Snap out of it, Jean! There's beading to be done!
Jean is wowed by the plethora of activities a beader can find this weekend, both online at Earthenwood Studio and also at the supergreat classic, Soft Flex Glass Art and Bead Festivals!

Strands of Beads
Melissa shares her new work, "Natural Selection", that placed Second in the Necklace category of the Bead Arts Award 2009

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