Sunday, August 16, 2009

Resistance is Futile

So, yeah, I did a little shopping this past week. Kate McKinnon is currently having a "Soul Clearing Sale". She is listing not only a truly marvelous selection of her metal clay works of art but also some truly beautiful lampworked beads from her personal collection that she has decided to release to the world. This amazing yin/yang bead is by Sage, and it's now mine. I just can't get over the level of beautiful and precise detail in this focal. This will be the first of Sage's work in my little collection of beads, and I'm quite happy to have it.

I also just bought this fabulous ring by Kate herself:

Amazing, no? (Not only did this piece blow me away when I first saw it, it's also just the right size for the middle finger of my right hand. I have somewhat skinny wrists and fingers, so I figure the fact that this will fit me must mean something.)

I love this sale, not only as a client, but also because the variety of work - both her own and those of other artists that have been in her private collection - provides an interesting glimpse into Kate's life as an artist and teacher.

Kate is adding new listings to her sale shops daily and will continue to do so until August 20th. I encourage you to take a look, as it's well worth it. She has two shops set up - one for components and one for finished objects.

What are you waiting for? Go! Go now!

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