Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In Progress

Here's a shot of a few items, fresh from my kiln. The treasure box is double-sided - my sea change pendant is on the reverse side. I know what it will contain (after, you know, burnishing, patinating, etc.), but I haven't gone to pick the contents yet. Hopefully, by this weekend, I can finish it.

The chain gave me trouble for several weeks. No matter how much I sketched, my drafts just didn't look right. I decided to risk the clay and just sat down to work it out on the table over the weekend. This method makes me nervous, since mistakes can be so expensive when working with fine silver. In the end, though, designing this way helped me work through my block. I wanted chain that looked distinctive but wouldn't overwhelm the large focal I'm hoping to suspend from it. I think this will fit the bill. So I'm now, um, six inches closer to finishing my next big project.

Please everybody visit Kate McKinnon's sale pages and buy the goodies there, if only to save me from myself. I have bought way too much treasure there. It is ongoing (she has been listing new items throughout the day for the past couple days) and can be found here and here.

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