Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jewelry and Beading Round Up

Here's the Short One's and my week in a nutshell. Paper, paper and more paper. We used up so much origami over the past few days, that I had to phone around locally for stores carrying more (we ultimately found a big kit on sale at Borders - 200 sheets + booklet for $9.99). I also took the precaution of ordering a bunch from a mail-order Japanese book store.

The SO now has enough colorful paper boats to command an armada. It's been quite useful for practicing numbers greater than thirty, but I've had to find increasingly larger shoeboxes to store them all! (He wasn't all that keen on the frog, but the paper flowers were also a big hit.)

Here are your jewelry and beading links to get you through the weekend: Jewelry Making
If you are looking for some super easy methods for promoting your jewelry business, here are some no-brainer ideas for you.

Art Bead Scene
Pass us a cold drink because a heat wave engulfs Studio Saturday!

Barbe Saint John
Doing a big arts & crafts show? Here are some tips to help make it go smoother.

BeadStyle Magazine
Alison Libby is BeadStyle's guest blogger this week. Check out her first post and leave a comment about how you started beading.

Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
Melanie shares some of her bead business packaging and shipping processes.

Jewelry & Beading
The fabulous Amy Clarke Moore shares her inspirations and creative process!

Strands of Beads
Inspired by Art Bead Scene, Melissa creates a focal and clasp with fine silver circle links

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