Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bead and Jewelry Link Love

Here's a little abstract art from the Short One. Not bad, eh? Markers are still a special privilege in our house (and to be honest, it bothers the SO that the ink stains on his hands don't wash off immediately), so he takes advantage of the opportunity to create art with them whenever it's presented. This was the result of a creative session at the local children's museum a few days ago.

Here's some bead and jewelry link love to help you get through your weekend: Jewelry Making
Tammy declares, Red Brass Rocks! Consider red brass wire as an alternative to gold-filled if you have been put off by the price.

Art Bead Scene
Give your Art Beads a Summer Vacation!

Earthenwood Studio Chronicles
Swimming in the deep sea of imagination, Melanie discovers inspiration's treasures in many places

Jewelry & Beading
Make a bright and breezy knotted turquoise necklace for the summer!

Linda Augsburg at BeadStyle Magazine
It's better than a backstage pass! Check out BeadStyle's open house, all-access pass this weekend. And get links to Bead&Button and Art Jewelry's open houses as well!

Naughty Secretary Club
Read Jen’s wrap up report of her adventures at the BEA convention. Actual copies of Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry were spotted!

Strands of Beads
Melissa discusses the curious byways down which inspiration leads us and is, herself, inspired by Shakespeare

Oh, and by the way, Bead & Button, BeadStyle Magazine and Art Jewelry are all having an Open House this weekend on their websites. Features that are usually restricted to subscribers and registered users are open to the general public this weekend, so be sure to check out those sites!!
I hope everyone is having a good Saturday. See you on Monday.

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