Monday, March 15, 2010

De-stashing Again

With spring around the corner, I've decided to start going through my stash of cotton yarns and artisan novelty yarns (much, much smaller than the winter yarns, but still) and list a few things on eBay. One of the items included is a kit to make the above sweater. It's by Prism Yarns, that high-end purveyor of all things "Stuff". As with Koigu kits, I think with Prism Yarn you either love it or hate it, and I love it. I still think this jacket is really attractive. However, even though it's an easy knit, given the circumstances at home, I doubt I'll get around to knitting it up (and it's already been sitting in my closet for several years). Plus, to be brutally honest, do I go anywhere anymore where this type of jacket would be appropriate (and would survive being climbed up by an active toddler)? Err, no. Anyway, if you'd like more information about the kit or other things I have up (including a few leftovers from the last time I destashed), please go here.


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